Dates Basket is a company located in Riyadh with its Head Office in Al-Malqa, the boulevard building. Dates Basket warehouse is located in Riyadh and Onizah City. The lab and the factory is taking a place at Drmah, Dirab district.


Email :

Phone : +966 533989966

Sales : +966 11-2791880

Exhibition : +966 11-2788377


Dates Basket for Trading “the company” is a Saudi Company located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its main office is located in Al-Malqa neighborhood, the Boulevard building number 7, office number 47. The Company’s warehouse is located in Riyadh and Unizah Cities. The factory and lab are located in Drmah, Dirab district. The company contacts its customers through exhibitions, sales & marketing team, the Company web- site and social media accounts.


Our aim is to be a trustworthy producer of ‘Luxurious Dates’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region and Globally; with easy access to our customers through our branches and social media accounts. Dates Basket offers all types of fresh dates as well as dates that are stuffed with fresh nuts and fruits.
The Company performs its production and operations in accordance with global standard of quality.

CEO Message

As the Company CEO; my ambition is to implement and execute the Company strategy to achieve the Company’s vision by applying global standard of quality in our operations and the best nutrition value in all of our products. Our aim is to deliver the best Dates products to the largest number of customers locally, regionally and globally
To ensure the best quality of Dates production; the company test and examine the soil where the dates to be produced to ensure that; the Dates are chemical and pesticide free.
Our production team are qualified and licensed. To make products proud of our customers.