Dates Basket is a company located in Riyadh with its Head Office in Al-Malqa, the boulevard building. Dates Basket warehouse is located in Riyadh and Onizah City. The lab and the factory is taking a place at Drmah, Dirab district.


Email :

Phone : +966 533989966

Sales : +966 11-2791880

Exhibition : +966 11-2788377


Future Contracts / Sales agents

Dates Baskets offer its customer special services through “Future Contracts” for special orders and large quantities; these “Contracts” are offered through the Holding Company special order section.

Boxing and wrapping services

Dates Basket offers services by adding the customer logo on the Cellophane and wrap the dates by pieces. These wrapped dates piece always requested for the events celebration etc. Dates basket provide special boxes use for exporting and storing. Dates basket ensure to obtain all certificate requires for exporting.

Exporting services

Dates Basket offers exporting its products globally, according to the advance orders, According to the Rule and Regulations of the importing country.

Production team at the lab

Highly qualified and skilled team in producing, filling and topping Dates while creating new delicious flavors.

Sale team at the exhibition

Our Sales Team is highly trained to ensure that we match your special events and celebration with the perfect selection of Dates and Baskets.

Customer Services

We strive to be your first choice as the producer of Luxurious Dates with the highest quality of Products and Services.

Point of Sale

Retail sale is done through the Company’s branches and web-site or Apps.

Companies and institutions

Dates Basket would be honored to provide services to the Public and Private sectors for their special events and annual celebrations as we strive to earn your trust and build a lasting relationship.