Dates Basket is a company located in Riyadh with its Head Office in Al-Malqa, the boulevard building. Dates Basket warehouse is located in Riyadh and Onizah City. The lab and the factory is taking a place at Drmah, Dirab district.


Email :

Phone : +966 533989966

Sales : +966 11-2791880

Exhibition : +966 11-2788377

Stuffed Dates
Dates Basket offers several types of Dates such as Sukkari, Segae, Majdoul and Khodry that are dunked in chocolate, honey, molasses and pistachio oil. We use the best quality of fruits, nuts and other toppings.
Dates Basket offers different filling and mixtures such as toasted nuts, chocolate, pistachio with golden caramel, milkshake flavor, white crisp, sesame mixed with toffee and Orio flavor.
Toffee and pistachio Dip
Toffee Cream Filling
Toffee and Almonds Dip
Toffee Cream Filling
Lotus Dip
Lotus Cream Filling
Orio Dip
Orio Cream Filling
Coconut Dip
Coconut Cream Filling
Hazelnut Filling
Hazelnut Cream Filling
Tahini Dip
Tahini Cream Filling
Crisp Strawberry Dip
Strawberry Cream
with Biscuits Filling
Carmel and Almond Dip
Almonds Cream Filling
Lotus with Coconut Dip
Lotus with Coconut Cream Filling
Cardamom Dip
Cardamom Cream Filling
Almonds Filling
Cornflaks Filling
Almond cream with Toffee Filling
Brown Choclate Dip
Almond cream with biscuits Filling
Carmel and sesame Dip
Tahini Filling
Cinnamon Dip
Cinnamon Cream Filling
Cashew Filling
Tahini Filling
Pistachio Filling
Peanut butter Filling
Peanut butter Cream Filling
Dark Crisp Dip
Almonds cream with biscuits Filling
Brown Crisp Dip
Almonds cream with biscuits Filling
White Crisp Dip
Almonds with biscuits Filling
Turkish Coffee Filling
Mocha Cream Filling
Molasses and Nut Dip
Almond Filling
Dark Chocolate Filling
Almond cream with biscuits Filling
Carmel and Pistachio Dip
Pistachio Cream Filling
Strawberry Chocolate Filling
Strawberry Cream with
biscuits Filling
Molasses and Cashew Dip
Almond Filling
Walnuts Dip
Almond Filling